Monday, January 28, 2019

The London Games For 2019

It's Super Bowl week and I've realised that I didn't publish a post that I had been planning to do a few days ago.

The 2019 London games have been revealed.  They are:

Carolina .vs. Tampa Bay
Chicago .vs. Oakland
Cincinnati .vs. Los Angeles Rams
Houston .vs. Jacksonville

I have things to say about all four.

For Carolina @ Tampa Bay, I'm keen to see if Cam Newton will play. I think I read somewhere that there's a chance he could sit the 2019 out to help rehab an injured shoulder.

The Chicago/Oakland game intrigues me because it's two of the surprising teams of 2019. One was a surprise because they did well (Chicago), the other did badly (Oakland). My gut thinks that Oakland will be better next season. Okay, it cannot get much worse, but play along with me.

The Bengals and Rams game could have the defending champions play. This will depend on LA doing the business this Sunday.

Houston .vs. Jacksonville is an AFC South division game. As an Indianapolis Colts fan, who is part of this division, I'll be rooting for the team with the losing record!

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