Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Across The Lands 2018

I was able to do one of my recent Christmas traditions on Saturday night after finding an American radio station that was airing Christmas Across The Lands.

The twelve hour show - which is in its nineteenth year -  is produced and presented by a man named Randy Sherwyn and is leased out to stations throughout the world in preparation for the big day. It contains classic - and not so classic - Christmas music, festive facts and interviews with people associated with Christmas whether that be musicians who worked on popular songs that are associated with this time of year or actors who may have appeared in festive films.

I first came across it a few years ago and - for every Christmas since - I've done a search across the Internet to find a station with the show. I've saved a number of these on my Internet radio and TuneIn Radio app.

Saturday evening's session was courtesy of WYRZ out of Hendricks County, Indiana.  Ireland's Christmas FM usually has it on Christmas Eve, so I would look out for that one tonight.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow. It's the annual Diet of Christmas Films post!

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