Saturday, September 22, 2018

2018 National Lottery Advent Calendar Scratchcard

I managed to do something that I have been unable to do for the past couple of years today.

I found - and purchased -  a National Lottery Advent Scratchcard!

For a few years in succession, I would buy a card and scratch off a window a day leading into Christmas. Then - for some reason - I couldn't find them in any of the shops where I purchase scratchies. 

Either that or they weren't released by the National Lottery (Someone from Camelot told me they were definitely produced in 2016, but I still couldn't find them a year later).

What I do know is they have been released for Christmas 2018. And the card is already where previous cards spent Christmas at my home - on the door ready to be scratched.

2018 National Lottery Advent Calendar Scratchcard

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