Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another Memory Floods Back

After writing about the Ramstein Air Show Disaster in yesterday's post, I came across a number of articles and clips about the tragedy.

Some were from the current day, but others were from back in 1988 when the tragedy happened.

The thing that I had forgotten about for years until reading yesterday's articles was the fact that there were protests being done.

My memory had blanked it out somewhere along the line. I can absolutely recall a group of people standing outside the base with placards. However, I cannot remember if the protests were done before or after the show.

According to the articles, people were protesting BEFORE the show. As noted, I definitely recall the protesters as we were driving into and out of the bases but I thought it was in the aftermath of the tragedy.

I suppose there's the possibility that I came across them before and after the disaster.

Definitely the latter, though.

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