Friday, August 31, 2018

Still Not Interested In GamePass

NFL GamePass is putting up the pressure when it comes to trying to sign me up for the 2018 season. I've had a couple of emails from the company within the past week or so.

The answer is still no.

It will continue to be no.

My mind is made up. I refuse to give the company behind the European version of the streaming service any money after the shambolic experiences I had last year.

Like I've repeated MANY times since 2017's disaster, NFL GamePass was one of those things I wouldn't hesitate to purchase every single season. The platform was taken over by another company last year and I had nothing but problems week in and week out. It was - in my opinion - the biggest waste of money I had ever spent on the Internet.

And this is coming from somebody who loves American football.

The experience turned me off the product and - with exactly one week until the season begins - the fact that I am not even considering taking up a trial period should be enough of an indicator as to how genuine my thoughts are on this.

My following of the NFL will revert back to how I used to consume it before GamePass came into my life. It's a backwards step but, by God, the headaches will be non-existent.


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