Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Shake

I have been holding off from writing today's post for no reason other than I wanted to get other things out of the way today.

I'm glad I kept things clear, because something has just happened that has taken priority.

While sitting at the PC a few minutes ago, my room began to shake. My initial thought was to get out of there.  I didn't, though. The reason? I have builders working in my area so figured it was something to do with them.

However, I looked at a bag that was meant to be resting on the bed beside me and it was still shaking moments later. This didn't seem right, so I had a check on Twitter to see if anybody else had a similar experience.

Yep - it appears as though I have just experienced an earthquake in Cardiff.

It was nothing major. Just something that didn't feel right hence my instinct telling me to get the hell out of there!

Not sure where I was supposed to go...

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