Monday, January 15, 2018

But, This Is American Football

I enjoyed the Minnesota Vikings' win over the New Orleans Saints last night.

The game was all Minnesota in the first half. Then. by the end, it looked like the Saints would win it as they were 24-23 with six seconds left on the clock.

But, this is American football.

Minnesota's quarterback, Case Keenum was bringing his team down the field in order to get them into field goal range.

But, this is American football.

He threw a pass to Stefon Diggs, the Saints defence botched and Diggs ran it in for the game winning touchdown just as the clock hit zero.

It was a sixty-one yard TD.

I look forward to seeing how the team does against Philadelphia next week in the NFC Championship game.

With this season's Super Bowl taking place in Minnesota, it would be cool to see a home team win the Vince Lombardi Trophy on home turf. It has never happened before in the fifty-plus years of the Super Bowl.

But, this is American football.

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