Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Raw Is 25

In an hour from when this post sees the light - or rather dark, considering it'll be 12am - of day, WWE will begin airing its twenty-fifth anniversary episode of WWE Raw.

As I've been a pro wrestling fan for the best part of my life, it should come as no surprise to see me write that Raw has been my favourite wrestling show in all of these years.

Some of my best - and maybe worst - memories of being a pro wrestling fan have came from religiously watching this programme week in and week out over the years.

Raw didn't air over here in the UK until 1995. However, we got to see highlights of it on some of the other weekend shows we had on Sky. When it did come on two years after its birth, we got to watch it on Friday evenings. I recall rushing home from college to watch it at 5pm.

Then, it moved to a later Friday night time-slot which was somewhat of an inconvenience considering I either worked or partied on a Friday night. Therefore, the VHS machine had a good working out.

I believe it was 2005 when we finally got to have the show live in the early hours of Tuesday morning. This was great for many because - due to the Internet - it was difficult to avoid spoilers from Tuesdays right up to Friday nights.

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