Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Black Monday 2018

It's funny how much things have changed within the last year.

On this day in 2017, I spent thirteen - yes, thirteen - hours with the TV on in front of me as I watched endless coverage of Black Monday on the NFL Network.

Black Monday is the day when a lot of coaches are let go after their failures of the season that has just ended.

My thirteen hours was spent watching NO COACH released live. They had either been let go the day previously or after I gave up watching.

I didn't watch the coverage this year. However, I was kept up to speed my making frequent visits to the NFL website.

Jim Caldwell was released by the Detroit Lions. This was followed by John Fox been fired from the Chicago Bears. Bruce Arians - who coached the Arizona Cardinals - retired.

So - I didn't get many breaking news stories last year while watching the TV, but did this year when I wasn't keeping tabs.

It's typical isn't it?

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