Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The 2017 Loser Bowl Winner Is..

As I wrote in a post published sometime last week, I made it to the third place playoff in the NFL fantasy football league that I've been participating in for the past few years.

I joked with people I know that this was 'The Loser Bowl' because it was only to determine who finished third and fourth in the league.

Well, now that all of the week sixteen games have been played, I can reveal whether my team won or not.

I did it.

But it was very, very, very close. See the image below. My team is the one with the Indianapolis Colts logo (obviously!).

The 2017 Loser Bowl

I cannot believe there was only 00.08 points in it.

I also cannot believe I wasted a Boxing Day post writing about being the second loser of a fantasy football game!

Still.. 00.08 points...

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