Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reporting Hefner's Death

Here's how my day started off.

I woke up, and went onto the Mirror website on my phone to see any news. The top story had a picture of Hugh Hefner and I thought to myself 'Oh, Hugh Hefner has died.'

I then looked at the headline and it read something like 'Hugh Hefner's 30-year old wife will inherit nothing after signing iron-clad prenup' so I corrected my initial thought to 'Oh, Hefner isn't dead, he's just married again and signed a prenup'.

Well - I was wrong, wasn't I?

I just found out - over a couple of hours later - that Hefner did indeed pass away.

I don't know. Maybe tabloids should run with the main part of the story first and just get across the fact that the publisher had died and then get to the gossipy stuff about pre-nups and inheritance at a later point.

Actually, it's mainly my fault for skimming the news. There should have been more detail in the headline, though.

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