Wednesday, September 06, 2017

NFL Fantasy Draft 2017

The NFL fantasy league I am in had its draft on Sunday evening. Here are the players that I selected. They are in no particular order:

Andrew Luck (Indianapolis)
Matthew Stafford (Detroit)

Running Backs
Jay Ajayi (Miami)
Leonard Fournette (Jacksonville)
Duke Johnson (Cleveland)
Eddie Lacy (Seattle)

Wide Receivers
DeAndre Hopkins (Houston)
Tyreek Hill (Kansas City)
Terrelle Pryor (Washington)
Corey Davies (Tennessee)
Tyrell Williams (Los Angeles Chargers)

Tight Ends
Jack Doyle (Indianapolis)
Tyler Eifert (Cincinnati)

Adam Vinatieri (Indianapolis)

Defence Team

This was done with zero homework. I usually spend a good day or so looking through info from the magazines I purchase over the summer. This time, however, I was unsure if the league was starting back up and didn't find out about the draft until the night before.

I would usually receive an email from the NFL fantasy mailer shortly after the draft to grade how well I drafted. I didn't get it this year, which is a shame because I would have liked to have seen what the result would have been. I had bad feedback in 2016 and it actually turned out to be prophetic because I had a disaster of a year. 

With that said, other than the second (I finished first) and third (I finished second) years of doing this, I have been abysmal at fantasy. Fingers crossed for season six!

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