Saturday, August 05, 2017

Unsure About The New GamePass

If you've been following this blog, especially during the NFL season, I'm sure you'll be aware that I subscribe to the NFL's online streaming service, GamePass.

My sub ran out at the end of July and I have been forced to contemplate whether to sign up for the upcoming season.

Usually, there was no decision. I would have been all-in. This year - not so much.

The reason why I'm thinking about sitting the year out is because the service has been taken over by a new company. The amount of complaints that I've read online has been shocking.

And when I see things like this BEFORE the season has even begun, it has obviously forced me to ask myself 'is it worth the hassle for £140?'

The problem I face is that it'll mean I don't get to watch the NFL Network programming that I like to spend a few hours each night doing, I won't get to watch four games live online while I have the TV hooked up to Sky Sports and I also won't be able to watch the Monday, Sunday and Thursday night games that are on when I'm asleep the following morning.

It's going to be a game time decision meaning I'm going to make my choice near to the season, but like I've already noted, if there are people complaining now, I am absolutely sure there will be problems as soon as the proper games begin.

I'm sure going to miss it if I do decide to sit the year out.

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