Thursday, July 06, 2017

Grotbags Dies

There's somebody at the door, there's somebody at the door.

Not just any door.

I found out earlier this morning that Carol Lee Scott has passed away. Scott is most famous for playing the character of Grotbags on television shows that featured Rod Hull and his puppet, Emu.

Grotbags Has Passed Away

Being born in the late 70s, I grew up watching the shows that starred Grotbags as the antagonist to Rod Hull and Emu.

To say that I was scared of Grotbags when I was kid would be an understatement. She frightened the hell out of me. 

Pantomime comes around once a year. However, when the kids were treated to a villain like Grotbags, they had the opportunity to boo a baddie more frequently.

That's what I'll take from my memories of Grotbags. She was television panto at its very best. 

Today's news makes me glad I was at the right age to experience Grotbags properly. Had I been just a little bit older, I probably wouldn't have been as fearful of her as I was.

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