Sunday, July 02, 2017

Avoiding G1 Special Results

It's one of those days where I'm avoiding the Internet.

Well - avoiding the pro wrestling area of the Internet.

It was night one of New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Special from California at 1am BST this morning. I was going to watch the first hour or so on New Japan World. The event aired live on US TV and I couldn't help but sense that, for some reason, the UK would be blacked out by the streaming service because America was unable to watch over the Internet because AXS TV had the immediate broadcast rights.

I didn't want to wait up and find out my concerns were correct, so decided I would watch on demand this morning.

That's what I'm doing as I write this. Interestingly, it's the US TV edition. I get to listen to Jim Ross calling NJPW.

Night two is tonight at 1am. It isn't live on US TV, so I don't have to worry about blackouts.

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