Saturday, July 22, 2017

Appetite For Destruction At 30

My favourite rock album turned thirty years old yesterday. I wish I had known before publishing yesterday's post, because I would have dedicated the post to it.

The album is Guns 'N Roses' Appetite For Destruction.

I first must have came across it in 1988. This would have been the second summer I spent with my relatives on an American air force base in Germany. I would sleep on the floor of my cousin's bedroom and he would play the album before bed.

It took me a few nights, but - by the end of the holiday - I loved having it play as I lay there in that room.

Even as I type this now, I wish I could relive those visits. I loved the two summers I spent over there. Whenever I listen to the album, memories of the final visit to Germany flood back.

I didn't immediately buy the cassette when I returned home. I remember buying it with my Christmas money - or gift vouchers -  in late '88 or the New Year of '89. I still have the cassette and I even upgraded to a CD back when I had my first CD player.

It's just gone midnight as I'm writing this. As soon as I finish, I'm going to listen to the album as I try and get myself to sleep.

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