Monday, July 24, 2017

A-Team Back On In The UK

I noticed that Spike TV over here in the UK has started to air episode of The A-Team.

The show brings back some fond memories. I have watched a couple of them, but they're on when I'm sorting dinner out and usually forget about to watch.

I did manage to see the first-ever episode. It was interesting to see that a different actor played Dirk Benedict's role of 'Faceman'. It was something that I never knew until the other day.

I'm hoping to find myself watching the episode that Hulk Hogan appeared in. Unless I watched that particular episode when I was a child and have forgotten about it, I have never seen it.

I loved this programme. Had all the toys, a t-shirt among other things. I also remember buying a cereal that I had no intention of eating (Shredded Wheat?) only to get the mini comic that was inside.

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