Thursday, May 04, 2017

Star Wars Day 2017


Yep, another year where I couldn't resist celebrating Star Wars Day.

I'm actually going one better this year.

My mother bought me a Star Wars t-shirt for my birthday. I think - as soon as I'm done writing this - I'm going to have my shower and wear it.

The t-shirt has a picture of the Death Star on it. I suppose it was brought out to coincide with the release of Rogue One - the movie about how the rebels managed to steal the plans to destroy the Empire's deadly moon base.

Coming to think of it - I didn't write that I watched Rogue One when it came out on Blu-ray the other week.

It wasn't too bad. It absolutely has the best scenery of ANY Star Wars movie. 

On a similar topic, I know it's a long-shot, but I would love for Disney to produce a movie based on my favourite Star Wars novel - Death Star.

I wrote about the book in May of 2009. It's all about the people who worked on the original Death Star in the time leading up to Luke Skywalker successfully destroying it. The idea behind it was superb and I really do think it would make for a good movie to compliment A New Hope. With modern technology - and it was used in Rogue One because Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher appear in it digitally - I'm sure they could recreate a few scenes of the saving of Princess Leia which is technically a side story in the novel.

If you're a Star Wars fan, I recommend looking for that book.

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