Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Team For Today Is... Arsenal

It's the FA Cup Final today.

Usually, if I had to make a choice out of Arsenal and Chelsea, it would be the latter. Not today, though.

I'd like to see Arsenal win the cup.

It's the devious side of me that wants this to happen because there's a portion of Arsenal supporters out there who want to see the end of boss, Arsene Wenger.

I think the way they have been acting has been very disrespectful to the guy who brought so much to the club for twenty-plus years.

The end is nigh for Wenger. I can sense it. It could all be over today, so - if it is - I'd like him to guide the team to one more trophy.

And if it isn't the end - for the time being - I'd love the Gunners to get the W just to rub it in the face of all the people out there who have been brandishing the 'Wenger Out' signs.

There's a saying about being careful what you wish for. I truly do believe the Arsenal supporters should take note.

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