Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fightin' On 2 Hours Of Sleep

I'll tell you what - WrestleMania 33 was an exhausting experience. It was even worse than last year!

After publishing the post in the early hours of yesterday morning, I noticed that Windows had lost my Wifi adapter on the system.

It was really late. Wait. Strike that. It was really early in the morning, I had been awake since 7am, so I needed to get to bed. I could have - and should have - waited until I woke up to fix it, but - me being me - I had to get the problem out of the way immediately.

It took more than an hour and a quarter to get everything working again.

So, yes, I got everything fixed but it came at a cost.

It meant I only had two hours sleep. I spent the rest of Monday in a blur where I was fighting off the tiredness so I could have an early night.

The fight worked. Maybe it worked a tad too well because I was wide awake last night when I was trying to drop off.

I'm struggling today as well. 

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