Wednesday, April 12, 2017

21 Jump Street: 30 Today

According to - so I don't know how reliable this information is - on this day, thirty years ago, one of my favourite television series' debuted in the USA.

21 Jump Street was a series about a group of youthful-looking undercover police officers who would go to high schools masquerading as students to fight crime.

The pilot episode, which apparently aired over there on April 12th 1987, didn't make its way to these shores until 1989. Going by my memory, I believe Sky first aired it on Sunday September 3rd 1989.

I never missed an episode. Even when they were repeated. Every Sunday evening, I would be sat in front of the telly at 7pm.

The pilot was also released on video over here in the UK. I have a copy of the rental version of the tape. I found it in an ex-rental bargain bin of a petrol station shop back when I was in my early teens.

And the back cover:

The entire series was released on DVD in the mid-2000s. Yes, I own these as well. 

As you can see from the images, Johnny Depp was the main star of this programme. He was in it for most of its run but, after finding further success in Hollywood, he departed his role during the fourth season. The fifth season saw a lot of new characters introduced and - if I am to be honest - my interest, at that point, started to fade.

The series was cancelled in 1991.

What I should have done today was sit through the first episode and write about it, but I haven't got the time to do this today. 

I could do this on the 30th anniversary of the day I first watched it, though....

It's something to think about for the September 3rd 2019 post.

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