Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Winner Is...

It has been an easy decision for me as to what channel I'll watch the Super Bowl later on today.

It's BBC all the way.

And this is coming from somebody who was loyal to Sky Sports for many years. Despite having BBC HD in the living room, I always opted to stick with Sky's coverage because I had spent the past nineteen plus weeks watching along every Sunday night.

This year's coverage on Sky has not been enjoyable to me. I dislike having to do this, but the presentation had been abysmal. I am sure some out there will blame male chauvinism on the upcoming opinion, but Kevin Cadle was replaced in late 2015 for Dara Kennedy. She has not been a good replacement in my opinion.

There was a great dynamic between host and panel when Cadle was in charge. There is a dynamic between the team, but it's far off the scale that I enjoyed when Big Kev was in the role.

Dara has had noticable mistakes, but - to be fair - Kevin Cadle also did.

As for the BBC - its coverage of the three games from London was brilliant*. If I were to be honest, I think the decision was made long before today and would have been made while watching the Beeb.

There is one other option that I could choose and that's to watch the proper American feed on NFL GamePass. As noted in a post published earlier this week, it's the first time that GamePass customers in this part of the world can watch the Super Bowl live.  Before this year, the game was blacked out for at least twenty-fours due to broadcast rights.

Even though I think I'd find it interesting to watch in this manner, I believe that my mind has been made up.

*It would have been even more brilliant if the Colts beat the Jags!

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