Friday, December 30, 2016

One Night Only (Or Is It?)

If you're a wrestling fan who happens to have access to ITV1, do not forget that World of Sport Wrestling will return to British TVs tomorrow evening.

As of right now, the show is a pilot and it'll depend on how much of a response the episode generates, but - from what I gather - there is a good shot of this thing being turned into a series.

Fingers crossed!

British wrestling was taken off terrestrial television in 1987 when the ITV head at the time - Greg Dyke - deemed it archaic for the time.

The American version of pro wrestling has been immensely popular over here with both WWE and TNA getting decent TV coverage but the ITV show is in a spot where it can get a heck of a lot more eyeballs on it.

I would obviously like it to do well. The Britsh scene is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts at the moment, so this really is a perfect time to give it the coverage that ITV can give it.

The show was taped a number of weeks ago. I sort of know what happens on it, but I'll still be watching.

It will start at 5pm GMT tomorrow on ITV1.

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