Saturday, December 10, 2016

Annoyed With NFL GamePass 2016

Over the past few years, I've mentioned how much I enjoy the NFL GamePass service as it has allowed to me to follow the sport.

The service costs over a hundred pounds a year. It allows me to watch live games every Sunday and also has 24/7 coverage of the NFL Network from the USA. If you own an iOS product, you can also download games to watch on your devices.

It is great.

When it works.

This year the service has been crap.

I have been able to watch the live games that I've wanted to. I've watched the NFL Network when I have been in the mood to watch it. The issue I have is the download/condensed games option has been hit-or-miss in 2016.

There have numerous mornings where the previous night's games haven't been available to watch condensed (ie just the plays with no commercials) or to download. This is a pain. What makes it even more annoying is the customer service people tell me I have to clear my cache and it'll be there.

But that's their go-to excuse. The problem is not with me - there are many others out there who have voiced similar annoyances.

After complaining a few times this year, things seemed to have improved. It didn't last long. Thursday's game between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs wasn't available when I wanted to watch it (9am) on Friday. I went onto the NFL UK website to complain and accidentally viewed an embedded tweet from the Kansas City Chiefs that gave the result away.

That's my mistake. Not theirs.

There wasn't much point watching it from there, though.

I wish there was a way to dodge the customer service reps with their scripted replies and get to someone higher up who would look into this lax approach.

Had enough of speaking to the monkeys. I want to deal with the organ grinder!

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