Monday, November 28, 2016

Lost Boys TV Series Coming Soon

I found out the other day that a television series of The Lost Boys is planned.

This is quite cool, to be fair. I read a bit about it the other day and - apparently - it'll be an anthology based series with seven seasons planned. Each season will take part in a different era and only the main cast of vampires will remain the same (they don't age, remember?).

It won't be 100% like the movie, but the plan seems intriguing.

According to one of the reports I read, season one will take place in Los Angeles during the Summer of Love - 1967.

The Lost Boys was one of my favourite movies when I was a child. 

The reboot, or rather 're-imagining' will air on the CW Network in the US. Not sure where it'll land over here, but I'm hopeful that one of the British stations picks it up.

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