Friday, November 11, 2016

Good Reasoning

I was on Twitter the other day and saw a good excuse as to why Back to the Future II missed the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series by a year.

If you've been following this story, the 1989 movie was partially set in 2015 and the main character Marty McFly noticed that the Cubs won the World Series. It prompted him to purchase Grays Sports Almanac in order to go back to 1985 and place bets on upcoming sports results.

To cut to the chase - it had been over one hundred years since the Cubs won baseball's grandest prize and they came very close in 2015 only to win it a year later. The new 'excuse' that was tweeted out the other day is:

'The space-time continuum was disrupted by the 1994 baseball strike, causing the alternate reality where the Cubs won in 2016, not 2015.'

Brilliant! I'm on board with this.

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