Thursday, November 17, 2016

Colts Denim

I found out the other day that the NFL and Levi's have some sort of partnership where the latter has created denim jackets and plaid shirts bearing the logos of NFL teams.

An Indianapolis Colts denim jacket!? I was sold. So, I went onto the Levi's website to check out the goods.

I saw the image...

..and my first thought was 'Yes, this looks good. I might actually buy this.'

But, then I looked at the second image on the page. It showed the back of the jacket...

.. the reaction went from 'I might buy this' to 'F**k That!' immediately.

The 'COLTS' on the back is just a touch to much, for me. 

And this is coming from someone who owns a Colts ugly Christmas jumper.

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