Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Theroux's Savile

I caught up with Louis Theroux's latest documentary about Jimmy Savile yesterday. As with most of Theroux's work, I found it interesting.

Theroux had a close relationship with the paedophile after the pair teamed up to film a show in the early 2000s. I have watched the Jimmy/Louis doc numerous times in the past and even decided to watch it as recently with newer eyes in regard to the depravity that Savile kept unearthed throughout his lifetime.

The new doc saw Theroux meet some of the people who Savile abused when they were young. He even met up with colleague's of Savile.

I don't really know what I found the most disturbing, to be fair. The detail of Savile's abuse or the employee/friend who is evidently living in denial of the crimes.

Despite all the subjects adding to the narrative, it was the journalist who was also in the spotlight here. It was apparent that he too was on a journey to find out how he had been deceived by the man. It was eye opening to see one of the ladies that had been groomed by the molester revert a question to Theroux and ask if he felt he had been groomed or, in the very least, hoodwinked.

To me, it became clear at that very moment that Theroux represented a nation that had been tricked into believing the eccentric DJ was harmless.

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