Saturday, August 06, 2016

World Carbonating Bottle Of Soda 2016 : Group Of 16 Day 1

Finally, after six months (or more!) of build up, I have finally launched the SodaStream flavour ranking that I had promised.

I'm not doing this the conventional way - I'm putting sixteen flavours in a knock-out tournament to determine the number one winner.  All of the flavours were put into a hat and drawn randomly into head-to-heads. The tournament will run through every weekend of August and will culminate in the final on Sunday August 28th. The first step begins today...

Game 1 Cloudy Lemonade .vs. Highland Fizz

SodaStream's Cloudy Lemonade flavour is part of the 'Waters' range so it tastes more watery than flavoury. I liked it, but wasn't that much of a fan. The Highland Fizz is a clear fizzy drink that tastes like Irn Bru. I love Irn Bru. I like Highland Fizz.

Winner: Highland Fizz

Game 2 Root Beer .vs. Lemon and Lime

This is the first game that matches two good flavours against one another. SodaStream's Root Beer is very nice indeed. The Lemon and Lime tastes similar to Sprite. It really comes down to which one I would choose if I had both bottles in front of me and one carbonating bottle. I'm going to choose..............  Lemon and Lime.

A very hard decision. Had Root Beer been up against a different flavour, it could have made it to the next phase of the tourney.

Winner: Lemon and Lime

Game 3 Cola .vs. Red Apple

The Red Apple flavour tasted okay. The Cola flavour isn't that bad, but it tasted better in the 1980s. I think I have to give the nod to Red Apple here because of how different the Cola flavour difference wasn't an improvement from the 80s.

Winner: Red Apple

Game 4 Dr. Pete .vs. Blueberry

Well, here's another fixture that has two good ones going up against each other. The Blueberry flavour cost me a fair bit of money as I imported it from Germany. I enjoy it. Dr. Pete has a similar taste to Dr. Pepper. In the six months or so of being reacquainted with SodaStream, I've made Dr. Pete the most. It has to win this round.

Winner: Dr. Pete

Check back in tomorrow where the group of 16 will conclude. The fixtures are:

Pineapple and Grapefruit .vs. Elderflower
Passion Fruit and Mango .vs. Peach and Mandarin
Del Monte Orange .vs. Pink Grapefruit
Cola and Orange .vs. Cherry

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