Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hall Of Fame Game

As an Indianapolis Colts fan, I was looking forward to catching bits of the Hall of Fame game yesterday morning.

The game was going to be the first pre-season game of 2016. Indy's opponents were to be the Green Bay Packers.

I woke up in the morning. The first thing I did after that was head over to the NFL GamePass app to download the game to watch while I was out.

The download function was missing. Not the first time this has happened.

I ended up going out for the paper and came back a while later. Still avoiding any score, I fired up the Apple TV. 'It's bound to be on there', I thought,


I clicked it, and it stated that it wasn't available in my region.


I logged out of the NFL app on the Apple TV, signed back in and noticed the same problem. It was blocked in my region.

Knowing what I'm usually like, I would have spent the entire day avoiding American football news just so I could watch the game later on. This time, however, I gave up and decided to see what happened. My eyes rested on a news bit on the app 'Why The NFL Game Was Can...' was on the screen.


I clicked the video. Yep, the game was cancelled. Apparently the paint on the field had rubberised and was a danger to player safety.

How crazy is that?

It's almost as crazy as avoiding all sports websites to hide from game results only to find out hours later that the game did not even kick off.

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