Monday, July 18, 2016

A HUGE Week (And Then Some) Of Wrestling Ahead

This is going to be a HUGE week (and then some) of wrestling.

Firstly, New Japan's G1 Climax tournament begins at 7am BST this morning. I've set this post to go up at the same time as it starts. I'm unsure whether I'll watch the first night (or morning for me!) live, so I'll catch it as soon as it's available on demand later on in the day.

Raw is on late tonight, or rather 1am on Tuesday morning. As per usual, I'll watch it with my breakfast on Tuesday.

Smackdown starts its live on Tuesdays run with the draft that will split WWE up into two brands. I don't know for sure what time it begins, I guess it's 1am again. I will be watching this live.

Wednesday morning at 10:30 UK time is the first night of New Japan's Super J Cup tournament. If I'm not tired after Smackdown, I'll try and watch this live.

Thursday morning is NXT and the new WWE Cruiserweight show. Both are on the WWE Network, so I'll catch them on demand later in the day.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will host the 2nd, third and fourth nights of the G1 Climax. They kick off at 10:30am. I'll be watching all of them live.

Sunday/Monday at 1am is WWE Battleground. As you've probably guessed, I'll be watching that live as well.

And if you think that's it... the fifth night of the G1 Climax is on Monday morning at 10:30am.

Wow.. I was then going to state that Tuesday will be a rest day, but then I recalled that it'll be back to watching Raw on Tuesday morning then Smackdown the next day...

What a time to be alive.

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