Thursday, April 07, 2016

Two Thumbs Up For The OJ Mini-Series

I am really enjoying the BBC 2 series, The People .vs. OJ Simpson.

The mini-series has only a couple of episodes left to air, but it's the best thing on TV right now as far as I'm concerned.

It's all about the OJ Simpson double murder trial and the cast have been excellently picked. Ironically, the only person who doesn't really look anything like the character they're playing is Cuba Gooding, Junior who plays Simpson!

Other than that little irk, he's great. The best performance he did was when he did the scene when OJ had to try on the glove. His mannerisms were identical to how Simpson put the glove on during that part of the trial.

I've purchased the book that the producers have used to create the series and have decided to hold off and wait to see the complete series before diving in. It's usually the other way around with me - I prefer reading the book before seeing a movie. That should prove just how much I have enjoyed it.

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