Monday, April 11, 2016

One Week To Go

One more week.

I've been avoiding Star Wars Episode VII spoilers and reviews ever since the movie first came out in December of 2015.

The aim was to wait until it came out on Blu-ray.

It's coming out a week today and it's all on order to arrive on the day of its release. I cannot wait until it gets here.

I can hold on.

Or can I?

The movie is available to purchase on digital download from today. I have entertained the idea of purchasing it on iTunes so as to cut the wait by a week. I might still take up this option, but - as of right now - the mindset goes like this: I've waited months already, I may as well wait an extra seven days.

If I break and end up buying the download edition, you'll find out about it.

That's IF.

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