Sunday, April 03, 2016

It's WrestleMania Sunday

It's one of my favourite days of the year - WrestleMania Sunday!

The time is just after midnight as I am writing this and I have to head off soon.

I'm looking forward to the show even though I am not as keen as I have been in previous years. This is my.. let's count.. twenty-eighth WrestleMania watching live (or on tape delay) since I first became a fan of WWF/E.

The first one I watched was WrestleMania V and that wasn't live. I saw it on Sky a few months after it aired in the first few weeks of having satellite TV.

My favourite WrestleMania is the eighth edition. There have been better shows, but it's the one I have the fondest memories.

Anyway, I'm off on one. It's time to head off. Expect a post shortly after the show in the early hours of Monday with my initial thoughts.

I have some bets on the matches, so keep those fingers crossed!

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