Thursday, March 03, 2016

WBD 2016

It's World Book Day today. One of the parts of the special day for lovers of books is to dress up as their favourite characters.

I wish they did this sort of thing when I was a child.

But then again - coming from the home of Roald Dahl - the amount of kids walking around as a Dahl character might end up being repetitive.

That's not to diss Dahl, though! Just the way I can imagine how my primary school would have ended up.

To be fair and honest - the younger me would have selected a Dahl creation. And I would have chosen Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think I would have pulled it off, as well.

I don't know who I would dress up as now, if I was offered.

I'm too old to dress as Ralph Parker from Jean Shepherd's stories (unless I am Ralph as the narrator, of course), too male to be Thursday Next, too smooth to be Heathcliff, too soft to be Bill Sikes,. And so on.

I think I'd just have to step up from 'Charlie' and become Willy Wonka.

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