Thursday, February 11, 2016

Super Bowl LI Bet

It hasn't been a week since the Super Bowl and I've already placed my bet on next year's game.

Yep - I am hardcore.

Well, I'm that and I'm also a value shopper and there was a price I could not resist. has the Indianapolis Colts at 25/1. That's a superb price, if I say so myself.

The Colts could have one of those bounce-back years after a disastrous 2015 season. One of the main reasons why they did so poorly was Andrew Luck - their star quarterback - missed a bunch of games through injury.

With Luck, the team has made the playoffs every year. As long as he's healthy, I think my bet is in with a chance. It.. needs.. Luck.

25/1, though. I would have had them in the 12-15 region myself so had to take the odds.

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