Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Bet On Rocky

I'll be cheering on Sylvester Stallone tonight.

You see, a number of months ago, I was listening to a podcast where the host suggested the possibility that Stallone would win an Oscar for his performance in Creed.

Upon hearing this, I had a look over sports betting websites' novelty markets to see what kind of price he was to win the Best Supporting Actor award.

He wasn't showing.

I fired off a direct message to a trader from a well-known sportsbook who follows one of my blogs on Twitter. He replied telling me he would get back to me when he was back in the office. The following evening, he got back in touch with an offer I couldn't refuse.


I was sold.

I had a little over £7 in my betting account, so put all of it on.

This was all back in November or December of last year. Stallone is now the favourite to win. I have hedged this bet by laying the selection with Betfair. I'm in a win-win now. If Stallone gets the nod, I'll return around £100 profit.

And if he doesn't - I'll end up around three pounds in the black.

Even if I had nothing invested in this, I would still prefer Stallone to win.

Rocky Balboa is my favourite character from the silver screen. I have posts from years ago that will back me up on this.

Friday March 2nd 2007

It would be amazing for one of Hollywood's greatest characters to get something tonight. After all, he has graced the screen for every single decade since the 1970s. 

At 16/1 this is my very own Rocky underdog story. I doubt I'll be as excited to see Stallone win as the my younger incarnation was for his defeats of Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Tommy Gunn.

It'll be close, though.

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