Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Finally Finished Season 2 Of Agents Of SHIELD

I have finally caught up with Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD.

Well, sort of.

The programme has been on Channel 4 since it debuted a couple of years ago. I watched the entirety of the first season (started off well, had a slow middle, but good at the end) and then started watching the second series. However, they did one of those mid-season breaks and I did not realise that the show had returned when it did. I worked out I had missed three or four episodes at the time.

I decided to wait until it showed up on Amazon Prime to finish off watching it. Fortunately, it arrived on Now TV a few weeks ago and I've spent the past few days watching all that I missed earlier this year.

As for my thoughts - they're the same as what I wrote about the initial run: it started off well, had a slow middle, but was good at the end.

My next goal is to keep an eye on Channel 4 to see when Season 3 is shown. It has already been out over in the US. My guess is they're going to hold off for a while so as to have a complete run with no mid-point break. That's good enough for me.

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