Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reaction To The 2nd Star Wars Episode VII Teaser


In November, I knew the second trailer (or teaser) of the upcoming Star Wars movie would feature some of the characters from the original trilogy.

Well, that was the hope. After all, the initial teaser of The Force Awakens did not include any of the original characters. 

The trailer that debuted on Thursday fulfilled my expectations.

And then some.

In the short vignette we heard and caught a brief glimpse of Luke Skywalker. However, what really made the thing amazing was seeing Chewbacca and Han Solo back together again.

There was also other things like a burnt out Darth Vader helmet, a star destroyer rotting in the backdrop of Tatooine (well, I'm guessing that's the planet. All will be revealed by Christmas).

Oh, and the new Stormtroopers look even more bad ass than they did in teaser number one.

I really cannot wait until the film is released. Counting down 'til December.

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