Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Good & Bad Of Manning Returning For 2015

In good news, it's looking like Peyton Manning is ready to return to the Denver Broncos for the 2015.

The quarterback told the Broncos that he would like to come back when he met with Broncos staff a number of days ago.

So, that's good.

However, the problem now centres on Denver. Do they want him to return?

The personnel change in the coaching staff makes me concerned that Manning will not be part of the upcoming plans. Furthermore, the team must pay the player a huge sum of money if he is still on the roster in March. 

This would not have been that much of a problem if it weren't for a handful of the team's best players now heading into free agency unless new deals are met.

There's the possibility Manning will restructure his contract to alleviate some cap space. Hopefully this will enable him to come back.

My fingers are crossed.

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