Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10,000BC Gets An F

Have you ever invested your time and energy into something and realised it was all a lost cause?

I have been feeling like this since Monday evening last week and last night confirmed it even more.

The Channel 5 series 10,000BC is rubbish.

The series was hyped up as a social experiment to see if twenty people could live in the wild like cavemen (cavepersons!) did back near the start of time.

I have watched every single episode and - as each one ends - I have found myself asking myself why am I continuing to watch.

In the earlier episodes, the camp was unable to wear deadskin to keep warm because the fur had been contaminated by maggots. The production crew helped them out by giving them regular blankets to wear.

Last week saw the camp fail to catch animals to survive. Cue the producers with food to help their subjects.

Yesterday evening's edition saw snow fall on camp and therefore the team had to leave their dwellings after the show makers intervened.

To be fair, it was a dangerous situation to find themselves in. However, the point of the experiment was to do like cavemen, right? 

Oh, and here's another thing - of the twenty people who started, there are only seven remaining with one due to leave in tonight's episode.

I would not be surprised if the viewers are jumping ship just like the participants.

The experiment gets a big fat FAIL from me.

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