Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Gamble That Didn't Pay Off

The pomp and circumstance I exhibited when deciding to purchase a Super Bowl programme has ultimately backfired.

If you recall, a few days ago - I published a post where I explained that I had decided to settle for a regular edition programme as I did not feel compelled to purchase a collectors' edition for ten pounds more.

Not because I was THAT concerned about the price, as I have bought the past two collector editions. It's just that I didn't want to buy one for a New England versus Seattle Super Bowl.

Had it been any other fixture, I possibly would have changed my mind.

Instead, I bought the item from the NFL UK shop. It stated on the website that stock would be in on the 30th and they would be sent out in two business days.

Yes, I know. It was cutting it fine. I gambled that the programmes would have arrived before the 30th because the first time I ever ordered a Super Bowl company was with them and I recall having it a few days before kick-off.

The gamble doesn't appear to have paid out. I won't get it in time.

I've checked my order and it's packed up and about to be sent out. The couriers don't work Saturdays, so the earliest I could get it - if I am lucky - is Monday.

Like I noted, I knew I was taking a risk. I've ordered programmes from there in the past and it made it to me before the game.

I think I will end up going for the hologram cover next year.

Unless, of course, it ends up being a rematch from this coming Sunday.

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