Sunday, January 04, 2015

Season Handicap Betting 2014/15 : The Story So Far

As some of you who have been on this blog before might know, I take particular interest in the football season handicap betting opportunities that most bookmakers offer over the summer.

Each year, I have a bit of fun working out how each team will finish in their respective leagues and then apply the handicap points that Bet365 offers them to get the team that I like best.

This past summer, I chose to bet on:

Burnley +50 in the Premier League
Blackburn +12 in the Championship
Scunthorpe +19 in League One
Carlisle +10 in League Two

I spent Friday afternoon keying in the current points earned by all the teams in the four divisions to work out how the leagues would look should the season ended right now. Here are the sides that would won:

Southampton +39 in the Premier League
Bournemouth +16 in the Championship
Swindon +18 in League One
Wycombe +24 in League Two

It's looking like another losing season!

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