Friday, January 02, 2015

Most Shocking Moment Of 2014

I experienced a number of shocking moments in 2014. 

The experiences vary. There was a big one that happened to someone I know personally, then there are ones that happened to people I have followed through their careers.

For instance, the death of Robin Williams. That, to me, was big.

But - when it comes to my bubble - there was a bigger shock that took place in 2014.

When I entered the year, I was eagerly anticipating the announcement that The Ultimate Warrior would be entered into WWE's Hall of Fame class of 2014. 

My prediction proved correct.

You have to really WWF/E history to figure out how big of a coup it was for Vince McMahon and the Ultimate Warrior to finally get back on the same page.

Warrior's last ever appearance for the company - before the Hall of Fame Saturday - was in 1996. This run was short and ended with both sides parting on bad terms.

That was nothing new. Warrior had departed in 1991 and 1992 under controversial circumstances as well. So, it intrigued me to see both sides together again.

I anticipated an end between the two somewhere.

I didn't expect how soon. 

Or how.

Warrior made his return to the company at the Hall of Fame. He was the main inductee of the evening and was able to settle some old scores in his speech.

The following day, he made an appearance at WrestleMania XXX. He was cheered on by the crowd.

Then - he made another cameo on the episode of Raw that was filmed live a day later. He addressed the fans talking about breathing last breaths and being immortal.

While heading for home on the Tuesday, he collapsed and died at his hotel.

I woke to the news on the Wednesday morning and just could not believe what I was reading. Those four days are incredible to look back on. 

In his final week on this planet, he managed to use a platform to get his point across and to settle old scores, help his wife and children's future by rejoining the WWE family and give what could be seen as a farewell to his fans. 

It's eerie. However, I'm glad in a way that he managed to get that last hurrah. Not because I'm a selfish fan, but because I'd like to think his wife and two young daughters are now linked more to WWE than they would have been had Warrior and the McMahons not set aside past differences to work on his return.

I'll probably see more eerier things in my life, but I won't forget the roller coaster of WrestleMania XXX weekend. 

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