Thursday, January 29, 2015

1,000,000 Subscribers

Bravo to World Wrestling Entertainment on reaching one million subscribers to its Network.

I have been a supporter of the WWE Network ever since it launched because I think it is great for fans of professional wrestling to have a rich history on demand.

It's not just that. I also think the ability to stream live WWE events without satellite or cable PPV is a move into the future.

Sure, there has been a lot of hiccups along the way and I wasn't happy with a few things like the UK launch delay, but the bottom line is this: if it is a success, the fans, the company and hopefully the employees will all reap the benefits.

With WrestleMania less than two months away, it's at a crucial stage where the company needs to drive in more on top of the million fans they have brought in.

The company also has to ensure these subscribers don't fall off once WrestleMania season is over. This should be the company's key aim heading in to WrestleMania.

Maintain. Maintain. Maintain.

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