Friday, November 14, 2014

Buy An NFL Ugly Sweater (Just As Long As You Support One Of 8 NFL Teams)

The NFL UK shop is abysmal.
Always has been, if I'm being honest.

I noticed yesterday that the company was promoting new ugly sweaters for Christmas. 

I wasn't going to purchase one of these sweaters (honest!). Curiosity did get the better of me, though.

The tweet showed three jumpers - Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

I wondered what the Indianapolis Colts' jumper looked like, so went ahead and followed the link to the website.

No Colts! 

Not the first time I looked for a Colts-themed item only to notice they weren't listed.

If you support any of the aforementioned teams along with the Patriots, Packers, Giants, Broncos, and Steelers - you're in luck. 

For those that aren't counting at home, there are twenty-four teams unaccounted for in the ugly sweater head count.

Twenty-four teams aren't going to be represented around Christmas dinner tables within the UK this year. 

Not unless they purchase them from the original NFL store - and they arrive in time - that is.

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