Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guessing The Opener : 2014 Edition

Apparently, the National Football League will release the 2014 schedules on April 22nd. This means one thing - it's time for me to guess what the opening game will be.

We all know that the season opener always takes place on the home field of the current Super Bowl champions, although last year the Baltimore Ravens had to play on the road due to a conflict with the neighbouring Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

So, we know it's going to be the Seattle Seahawks.

In 2014, the team will have to play home games against the three teams they compete with in the NFC West Division. That's Arizona, St. Louis and San Francisco added.

They also have to compete against the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders.

I'm tempted to go with the Broncos as my pick because it will be a rematch from the Super Bowl. However, I don't think they'll go with that match for a number of reasons.

Top of the list is the fact that the television people may be worried that the game will turn into a one-sided affair like what happened in February (Hey, I'm not saying that - I am predicting revenge when Denver arrives in Seattle whenever they do end up meeting again!).

Another reason why I don' think we'll see Denver play on the first Thursday is because they were the team chosen to take on the Ravens in 2013.

This leaves two choices, in my opinion : Green Bay or San Francisco.

I'm going with...

San Francisco.

I can see the build up now. Four months of the talking heads going on about Carroll versus Harbaugh? What about Sherman versus Crabtree?

I'm certainly buying stock in that one being game one.

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