Thursday, April 24, 2014

Was I Right?

A few days ago, I dedicated a blog post to guessing what the first game of the 2014 NFL season would be.

I ended up with two possible opponents for the Seattle Seahawks when I wrote:

This leaves two choices, in my opinion : Green Bay or San Francisco.

Seeing as I had to make one decision, I settled on:

I'm going with...

San Francisco.

The entire 2014 schedule was released at 1am this morning. I was awake, so tuned into the NFL Network on my iPhone and the episode of Total Access that covered the publishing of the fixtures started off with announcing what the first game of the season would be.

Seattle versus Green Bay.

Immediately, I smiled to myself thinking that that was the game that I had predicted. Within seconds, it dawned on me that that was my second choice.

Still, I was close.

But I cannot claim the cigar.

I haven't had time to look through the entire schedule - and I went back to bed not long after figuring out what the first game was - so all I know is Indianapolis will be heading to Denver for the first prime-time Sunday night game in September.

That'll be a barn burner!

I also think the 49ers and Seahawks will play on the third game on Thanksgiving Night. So, when I ended the post a few days ago with:

I can see the build up now. Four months of the talking heads going on about Carroll versus Harbaugh? What about Sherman versus Crabtree?

It's really going to be seven months (unless they play each other earlier than that, as they're obviously going to be playing each other twice in divisional games).

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