Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Punk Didn't Return (& The Rage It Caused)

After watching WWE Monday Night Raw on Tuesday morning, I knew there would be one thing the Internet wrestling fans would be up in arms over as soon as I turned my computer on.

And I wasn't wrong.

It seems the conspicuous absence of CM Punk from Monday's show angered a lot of people who had bought in to rumour that he was going to return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dave Meltzer had commented over the weekend that his source claimed Punk returning was one hundred percent sure. Meltzer quoted the source and even wrote the following on his Monday update:

I expect C.M. Punk to be there as well, but that's not a guarantee

He did not flat out state Punk would be there.

Despite this, he took the brunt of the fans' anger. One tweet even suggested he ends up fired for the misinformation.

Not sure how you can get fired from your own business. 

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