Thursday, March 20, 2014's Power Rankings For 2014

I had a look at the National Football League's website yesterday and, now that free agency is cooling down and teams are signing new players for 2014 and beyond, they have updated the Power Rankings article that I like following throughout the regular season.

The top two teams on this ranking falls right in with what I believe next year's Super Bowl will be.

I cannot shake off the feeling that we'll see Seattle vs Denver once again.

The current Super Bowl champions - the Seattle Seahawks - are ranked first with the Broncos just below them.

I know the odds are against a Super Bowl being contested by the same teams in successive years. Like I noted, I cannot shake off the feeling it will happen next February.

The article had an interesting note about the Indianapolis Colts, who are ranked in sixth.

Tell you what: The Colts are either going to be so-so on offense or freaking explosive. If Reggie Wayne struggles to recover from knee surgery, Hakeem Nicks re-ups for season tickets to the injury report and Trent Richardson continues to be Trent Richardson, this team could be staring at 9-7. But if Wayne can still play, Nicks turns the dial back three years and Richardson decides he's tired of people discussing his personal life and not his game, look out.

I have a feeling Richardson is going to have a great year in 2014.

You heard it here first!

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